Zero-Chemical. Fresh .Handmade beauty solutions, crafted by a blend of Ayurveda herbs and aromatic oils. All our raw material is simply Nature and we stand unique as our products are not mass produced rather handmade fresh in small batches .Natural beauty care solutions crafted by us are more than just nontoxic constituents, they are effective, potent and packed with rare natural ingredients that really work and deliver long lasting visible results.”

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Our Best Sellers

Sandalwood Lavender Sunblock

Our unique water based , sun protection formula has an extremely light texture that absorbs in skin quickly.Rare combination of essential oils and herbs does not let it clog pores hence its suitable for all skin types also for sensitive and acne prone skin .

20 Magic Herbs Hair Oil

For silky, shiny lustrous hair;  a meticulous collection of extensive number of hair nourishing herbs along with rich oils that strengthen your hair from inside out ,restricting hairfall within a week .

Ayurveda Acne treatment Mask

Ayurvedic acne curing formula  that combines 12 potent ,skin detoxifying and cleansing herbs that penetrate in to deeper layers of skin dermis purging it effectively from acne causing bacteria.

Sandalwood Rose Deep Cleansing Dough

Revolutionize the way you wash your face daily with our deep cleansing dough which combines the goodness of potent herbs that remove accumulated dirt and toxins from skin to give you a fresh glow each time you wash your face.

About Our Ingredients

Our skin deserves pure ingredients from clean and pristine sources.We agree that if you can’t eat it, perhaps you shouldn’t be putting it on your skin. We at Nature Charms use organically(not certified ) grown ingredients in all our products, from farmers that use little to no pesticides.
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