4 Most important steps to get rid of pigmentation

Skin Hyper pigmentation, Melasma or Age Spots are all types of similar skin condition that affects almost 60% of women belonging to various age groups. Sadly, there is little to no awareness among masses regarding its causes , prevention and treatment.
While the causes are diverse ranging from hormonal imbalances to genetics, we will focus on its treatment and prevention.
Most of the times pigmentation remains unsettled because of the failure to understand that no single miracles product can make it disappear forever.
Pigmentation treatment is multi dimensional, there are a couple of ways in which you need to attack the problem to get it moving out fast .
First and foremost protect your skin from sun . Wear a sun block even if you are not out in sun. You not only want to protect skin from sun but also from heat , radiation and waves present around us all the time. So a sun screen should be an essential part of your skin care regime regardless of the season and your indoor or out doors activity.
Nature Charm’s Sandalwood Lavender Sun Block is a water based formula that doesn’t clog pores,  its super light and fast absorbing making it ideal for even oily , acne prone and sensitive skin types

Your diet also plays a critical role in maintaining healthy skin. Take well balanced diet , avoid processed foods and exercise regularly. If your diet lack proper nutrients take multi vitamins or nutritional supplements to make up for the deficiency.
Now comes your skin care , though you can’t see it happening, every minute of the day we lose about 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells off the surface of our skin. The skin from our face keeps piling up if it’s not exfoliated regularly. This in turn causes dark patches , black spots and uneven skin tone . You MUST add an exfoliating product to your skin care regime to get rid of dead cells blocking fresh skin cells turnover.
Nature Charm’s Fruits Flash Facial & Pro Collagen Face Wash are two products that are powered by AHA’S ( Alpha Hydroxy Acids) which are superstars of effective yet gentle skin exfoliation.

Last but not the least a skin brightening Lotion  with multi vitamins shall provide all the necessary nutrients to keep up that glowing shine and keep those nasty dark patches at bay.

To fasten up healing of the damaged Pigmented areas combine your moisturizer with a potent serum rich in vitamin C , our Licorice & Mulberry Fade Out Serum does just that.


Implement theses steps consistently to say goodbye to pigmentation woes forever.


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