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16 Assorted Herbs Scalp & Hair Tonic -250ml


Revitalize falling thinning & weak hair with the power of botanical herbs to strengthen hair and nourish scalp

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* Rejuvenates & Clarify Scalp: Provides deep nourishment to revitalize your scalp, promoting healthier hair growth and combating dryness.

* Strengthens Hair & Encourage New Growth : Reduces hair fall and breakage, promoting fuller and more resilient hair , provides necessary nutrients to scalp essential for regrowth

* Restores Thinning Hair: Promotes thicker, denser hair growth to address thinning concerns.

* Enhances Natural Color: Helps delay the greying process, allowing you to enjoy your vibrant hair for longer.

DIRECTIONS ; Apply dime size amount directly on hair by parting hair . Leave on. Preferably to be used daily . Adjust quantity according to hair density

INGREDIENTS ; Horsetail Herb , Marshmallow root, Bhringraj, Beetroot, Alkanet root, Myrobalan, Golden Shower Herb , Rosemary, Peppermint, Indian kudzu, Moonseed, Nette, Lavender , Reetha, Aloe Vera, Flax seeds. Pea Extract Fenugreek , Glycerin, Rose Water , Xanthan


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