Antioxidants & Retinol Lip Treatment Cream-30gms



When it comes to aging we tend to neglect our lips , dark pigmented lips , lip volume loss , wrinkles and thinning lips are all due to age related hormonal changes and though aging cannot be stopped,  we certainly can make our lips more smooth , plump and vibrant.

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Revealing the second product of our lip care essentials,  Nature Charm’s Antioxidants & Retinol Lip Treatment Cream. Now treat your lips to a little luxury with a deeply hydrating anti-aging, wrinkle & fullness restoring treatment to instantly smooth and soften lips.
Nature Charm’s Antioxidants & Retinol Treatment Lip Cream is a powerhouse of 12 age defying herbs to reduces the age-related loss in skin density and plumpness, it also reverse damage due to aging or from the regular use of chemical lip products resulting in lip pigmentation or discoloration. Without the use of any chemicals, the meticulously selected herbs including Brahami , Shatavar , Manjeeth , Arjuna and others,  blended into a potent concoction with pure cows ghee  & Sesame oil , increases the skin firmness & density , visibly fade away pigmentation & wrinkles, builds cushion into time-thinned skin for a vibrant and fuller pout .
Molecules derived from Frankincense Tree Gum stimulate the creation of fat cells for increased fullness along with providing lasting hydration.
Designed specially for the tender lip skin , the cream doesn’t sit on your lips like your ordinary lip care products, rather it is readily absorbed by lips due to its light texture to deliver instant hydration and a collagen boost negating free radical damage .
Let your pout be as young as your heart with our herbal Antioxidants & Retinol Treatment Lip Cream. Fuller & smoother pout instantly!

Babchi ( Retinol Alternative) , Ashwagandha , Shatavar , Arjuna , Brahami , Licorice , Ashoka, Nirgundi , Guggul , Sesame Oil , Cows Ghee , 1% Food Grade Preservative


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