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Dry/ Normal Skincare Kit


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Normal to Dry Skin Type
For main concerns of redness, dullness and dryness. Four unique products for daily skincare regime
1. Orange Lemon Triphala Cleansing Lotion ( 30ml )
2. Apple Rose Daily Clarifying Toner (30ml )
3. Brahami Ginseng Firming Night Cream with CoconutMilk ( 30gms)
4. Miraculous Beauty Fluid Original ( 5ml )
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Start your regime with a gentle cleanser Orange Lemon Triphala Cleansing Lotion that gently removes dirt ,makeup,  impurities, whiteheads and blackheads leaving your skin brighter and healthier with a shining glow.  Next use our 100% plant based Apple Rose Daily Clarifying Toner so your skin is ready to receive all the hydration from your moisturiser. Then slather on some moisture-rich Brahami Ginseng Firming Night Cream with CoconutMilk  that’s infused with precious antioxidants rich herbs and skin lightening vitamins VitaminB3 & B5. Finally, don’t forget a crucual last step for dry skin, a potent skin nourishing serum Miraculou s Beauty Fluid Original brimming with skin’s rich foods antioxidants,  minerals,  vitamins and amino acids that relieves dryness, leaving your skin with a healthy glow.


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Our skin deserves pure ingredients from clean and pristine sources.We agree that if you can’t eat it, perhaps you shouldn’t be putting it on your skin. We at Nature Charms use organically(not certified ) grown ingredients in all our products, from farmers that use little to no pesticides.
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