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Mango & Turmeric Anti Grey Hair Oil


Potent rich botanical formulation of  vitamins and anti oxidants to increase Melanin levels in hair roots that delay grey hair.

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For all hair types – 150 ml

Gray hair is caused by the lack of Melanin in hair roots. This Melanin gets affected with age , chemical dyes , vitamin deficiency and dry scalp.Give your hair their share of vitamins and anti oxidants to increase melanin level at hair roots with our Mango & Turmeric Anti Grey Hair Oil. Formulated with over ten unique herbs that deliver essential level of nutrients and vitamins to prevent grey and increase Melanin level at hair roots. Additionally due to its powerful botanical ingredients it opens blocked capillaries improve blood circulation and gradually restore natural hair color.


Mango Leaves , Sun flower Seeds , Turmeric , Fenugreek Seeds  , Henna , Amla , Alkanet Root Wheat Germ ,  Orange Peel , Mustard


Use 2-3 times a week .Slightly warm the oil before application for best results. Apply in roots , allow 3-4 hours or overnight .  To use as a  mask mix one tablespoon of oil with two tablespoon of curd for an amazing hair mask . Let stay for 30 minutes then wash off.

1 review for Mango & Turmeric Anti Grey Hair Oil

  1. Sidra

    Oil is really good. My hair looking healthy and it seems like that my grey hair problem will also solve after regular use. Positive signs. I will order another bottle of it.

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