No Grow Safflower Hair Retardant Cream- 60 ml


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An organic hair retardant with intense nourishing & skin softening benefits, which renders the regrowth sparser , finer till hair vanishes forever with regular use.

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No Grow Safflower is a 100% organic hair growth inhibitor that, from the first use, reduces hair regrowth by up to 50%.It work by blocking the hair follicles with the help purified plant extracts which naturally remove the nutrients from the hair follicle, slowing and inhibiting regrowth. With every application & regular use, the formulation renders the regrowth slower, sparser & finer till gradually hair regrowth stops permanently. Made from all natural gentle botanicals and herbal extracts it is safe to use anywhere. As with other air growth inhibitors it only work in conjunction with traditional hair removal.Before you begin treatment, you must remove hairs at the root, which is best done by hot waxing, tweezing, or threading.After hair removal, the hair follicle is rendered empty so the product can penetrate for faster results. No Grow Safflower treatment requires five to seven consecutive days of use after hair removal, apply once per day. Results are generally seen after first course of application ( 5-7 days ) as the growth will be slower , sparse and finer. While No Grow Safflower hair growth inhibitors is proven to slow and drastically reduce unwanted hair regrowth, remember, if your hair is darker, it may be more stubborn and, therefore, take a little longer to inhibit. Make sure your expectations are real.



Directions : After hair removal by waxing/epilation/threading – Apply liberally over freshly cleared skin immediately after hair removal.Massage until completely absorbed in skin .Use once daily for a week after hair removal.



Safflower Oil, Guar Gum, Acacia Arabica Pappaya, Lemon , Meadow Saffron, Rose Water , 1% natural preservative Comes with intense nourishing, soothing, toning & softening benefits!!

11 reviews for No Grow Safflower Hair Retardant Cream- 60 ml

  1. Ishoaib

    no grow lotion is a miracle in a bottle and definitely a prayed answered. For all hairy girls like me, this is for you and you won’t be disappointed. I was very spectacle at first, but just one round of waxing and continuous application gave me unbelievable results.
    Mind you I had crazy dark hair, similar to mens’ mustache on the corners of my upper lip, which would regrow after 5 days. But they have grown very lightly and slowly. I’m sure after continuous use I will get rid of them as it claims.

  2. Urooj

    It’s a hair retardant lotion called Safflower hair growth inhibitor. It claims to decrease hair growth, decrease the density of new hair. As it’s mentioned it has to be used for 5-7 days straight after waxing and threading, I personally used it after tweezing hair.
    Till now it has been great. I used it for a week. It has a creamy consistency which absorbs really well. Among all ingredients which are mentioned there is small amounts of tea tree oil to prevent any breakouts.
    It’s safe to be used on face too but needs a patch test. I used it on my face too and it has been working fine till now.

    It cost me 1290 rs but I think if it will do what it claims further too this price is not bad at all. It has a pump bottle to prevent any contamination. Love it till now.

    Definitely recommended.

  3. Rabia

    This is really a must have!!
    I used it as per instructions and it is working seriously! Hair did grew back but not thick and after a longer time Which is a good thing tht it worked. And i had only one round as it have just launched 🙂 .. so wld b waiting for more rounds n tadaaaa magic ❤️
    Only bottle is too small, lil expensive.. But the product is too good! Loved it!

  4. Attiqa

    In useing Nature charms sunflower hair retardent cream for about a month. I got results my hair growth is less then before and thickness of hair has also decreased. I am looking forward to get more results s. Its my honest review.

  5. Sania

    I was a little confused when i first read the description for this product ( how it miraculously inhibits hair growth ) but i had an amazing experience with another product from nature charms and trust them totally, so i gave it a try and i had no idea that this product will work right after the first application, i could actually see it working as the regrowth was slower and lighter.
    Will surely reorder once i finish this bottle.

  6. Pearl_Accessories

    Asalam o alaikum I’m using your hair retardant cream and its very effective even in first use my hair grows very slowly I hope with regular uses of this cream my hair will never come back highly recommended😊

  7. Maria Intisar

    I do not do this review thing usually but the results of your Hair Retardant Cream forced me to. Its an excellent product. It significantly delayed and reduced the growth of facial hair thereby decreasing the need to wax every now and then. Its definitely a must have for those who have facial hair and are tired of getting them waxed frequently. If used regularly this product can do wonders. (InShaa’Allah)
    Keep up the good work and continue introducing such amazing organic products.

  8. Saira khan

    Amazing product…It really works. Best for facial hairs as well. Highly recommended.

  9. Areeba

    Wanted to give review for your growth reduction lotion it works amazing, I am a PCOS patient n had real intense hair growth, I have used you product and my hair growth has reduced very much, honestly this product is much needed for girls 👍

  10. irfana mazhar

    I have used it recently and i must say it is very good.I can see t he result after 1st use.Will def buy again and again.And the customer service is awesome.

  11. Zona Khan

    Hair Retardant has worked like a miracle for my manly side burns on face. Now they look lady like ☺️

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