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Pomegranate Lip Tint Jelly-20gms

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Revealing our final product of Lip Care Essentials Box, Pomegranate Lip Tint Jelly. Tint your lips with real fruit juice!
Way back women used to tint their lips and cheeks with fresh beetroot and Pomegranate juice . Nature Charm’s takes the same approach to our first ever Ayurveda inspired-yet high impact and effectively long lasting tint which aims to remove boundaries between skin care and makeup so to create healthy products which really work.
The non drying jelly texture of the tint glides effortlessly on lips & cheeks to nourish your lips & cheeks with their healthful ingredients including Pomegranate, Beetroot, Rose , Frankincense & Glycerine. Moisture boosting Pomegranate Lip Tint Jelly keep your lips moist and delicately tinted for the lips you have always wanted.

3 reviews for Pomegranate Lip Tint Jelly-20gms

  1. Uzma

    It is amazing, it has only been a week while using it, and my lip color has lighten. Can be applied to the cheeks as well and I am too thankful to nature charms for such an amazing product!

  2. Sana

    Aoa, tint is great it’s stays long and still after removing my lips remain soft unlike other tints .To add a natural colour to my lips, applying it twice a day as it has added natural colour to lips.

  3. Sidra Ossama

    Thanks for this amazing natural product with healthy ingredients. I’m using it thrice a day and it not only
    tint the lips with a lovely shade to enhance beauty of whole face.

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Our skin deserves pure ingredients from clean and pristine sources.We agree that if you can’t eat it, perhaps you shouldn’t be putting it on your skin. We at Nature Charms use organically(not certified ) grown ingredients in all our products, from farmers that use little to no pesticides.
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