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Sunflower & Wheat Nourishing Hair Cream

(4 customer reviews)

Original price was: ₨1,550.Current price is: ₨1,350.

Bring your hair back to life ! Sunflower & Wheat Nourishing Hair Cream is a power packed formula enhanced with proteins and Biotin from oils, seeds and hair boosting herbs that strengthens the roots , prevents hair fall , removes frizz and also promote hair growth. Enjoy soft , silky and shiny tresses only after first use.

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For all hair types – 150 gms

Replenish every strand with intense moisture and shine. Enhanced with Avocado Oil and Castor Oil plus proteins and biotin from healthy seeds like Sunflower and Wheat Germ that penetrate deeply in hair shaft due to the light creamy texture to transform your hair as in Keratin Treatment. It works from the inside out to help repair damaged hair so you can see the visible repair on the surface of your strands. It brings immediate and long-time results when used continuously .

* Intensely moisturizing , makes hair soft and silky right from first use.

* Removes frizz , makes hair manageable.

*Repairs damage .

*Prevents hair fall.

*Prevents premature grey.

How To Use Hair Cream

Hair cream can be used before and after shampoo and also as a mask .

1.) Take a dab of cream (pea size) in your palm and using fingers apply directly on the roots as well as hair. Give a gentle massage for a minute or two and leave the cream on your hair and scalp for atleast 30 minutes before wash.

2.If using after shampoo, apply hair cream after you towel dry your wet hair. Take some cream on your palm and after rubbing, run the hair cream through damp hair. Evenly cover all hair and style as desired using fingertips smooth down with a brush for a straight look.

3. For a spa experience use hair cream as a hair mask before shower. After massaging softly into the roots and hair, put on a shower cap and cover the head with warm towel. Keeping it on for 40-50 minutes allows nutrients to penetrate deep into the scalp making hair visibly luscious. the cream strengthens the roots, conditions the hair, prevents hair fall.

INGREDIENTS ; Sunflower Seeds , Wheat Germ , Coconut Milk , Cocoa Butter , Flax Gel , Gum Tragacanth , Castor Oil , Avocado Oil , Cummin Seeds , Fenugreek , Hibiscus Flower , Ginger , Sodium Lactate , Sodium PCA , Glycerine , Butylene Glycol , Lactic Acid , Rice Starch , Cetearyl Alchol , Rose Hydrosol


4 reviews for Sunflower & Wheat Nourishing Hair Cream

  1. Yumna Talha

    I was facing huge hair loss due to thyroid and post partum but this product helped me alot. I used to apply the mask overnight and wash it in the morning. Best thing about this, the entire product comes out of one wash
    Totally recommended

  2. Hira javed

    Just scrolling through instagram when i saw video of this amazing product hair mask now with coconut milk and flaxseed gel. As i ve researched so much on these things so i know the benefits of these two products. My hair is so much damaged to the extent that it feels like dry bushes due to treatment i got regret it later.😂 so i ordered without any second thought and obviously with positive mindset. I ve received my order on time . I applied hair mask on damp hair after shower waited for good two hours and voila i can see the difference. Obviously 100 percent result will take time but i could see the improvement. Overnight recommended and will purchase again. Thank you and stay blessed.

  3. Mrs mobeen

    This product is excellent . i have been using it for a month now and i am amazed by the result of this cream . it gives my hair much moisture and shine reduced hair fall (96%) improves root strength .i can see a huge difference in my hair health . i loveee this hair cream and would highly recomended to everyone ,to every hair type .it gives life to your damaged hair .Thankyou Nature charms

  4. Ayesha Ashraf

    my ends where becoming so rough and had lotss of splitt end literally after 1 applications my ends became softt and splitt ends were goneeee SRSLY ITS MAGICAL 🥹🫶

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