As the coronavirus situation is changing we wanted to reach out to you in this time of extreme uncertainty and strangeness to provide you an update on what we are doing here at Nature Charms.

safety frst

We want to assure you that your health and the health of our staff is our top priority and while we always implement best hygiene practices, we have introduced additional precautionary measures.

Our team is working hard to ensure the highest level of cleanliness, regularly washing hands and sanitizing surfaces , work areas and storage
All jars and bottles are sanitized before filling, as an additional safety measure these are now sanitized twice , once when they are stored in stock and once again before filling up for despatch
Workers are taking extra hygiene precautions, including washing hands regularly, face masks, additional hand sanitisers and are refraining from skin to skin contact.
Additional cleaning practices have been implemented only one worker is allowed to handle the packaging of each order before despatch. This parcel is then double wrapped with transparent tape to ensure nothing gets inside the parcel while in transit .
We request you to discard the outer box when you receive the parcel as while it travels to you its cleanliness is beyond our control.
Once you discard the outer box rest assured that we have followed the highest hygiene standards to ensure that the products you receive are as pure as Nature itself.
Stay safe , stay aware .